1.1 Start lexocad with windows

Lexocad can be started in Windows Explorer, as all other cadwork modules, using the Windows function.
File format: .lxz

Create new Lexocad file via "ci_start"
Right mouse button in Explorer → New → cadwork lexocad → cadwork start (ci_start) is opened → Select Init file → Define file name → Ok

What is an init file?
An init file is a predefined Lexocad file that can be reused when Lexocad is started. For example, the init file can help to reuse settings that have already been defined. Examples: window settings, materials, mod GR, etc.

All existing init files on your disk are visible within ci_start:

Create a new init file or delete an existing init file
A new Lexocad file can be saved via File → Standard file (init)...
Under "Standard file (init)..." all existing Init files on your local disk are located, they can be created and deleted there.

How to use an init file with an existing model or IFC?
Existing model: An empty init file can be opened and the model can be imported either via Lexocad Import (File --> Imports --> Lexocad) or via Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste).

IFC: If you have opened an IFC file in lexocad, you have to save it and you have the possibility to choose an init file: