2.14 Function "One"

For each of the windows in the left-hand menu (IFC Structure, Layers, Components, IFC Type, ...) there are below each window
an option "One".

What is the purpose of this option?

For example, in the case of an IFC structure composed of several floors:

1. If the "One" option is not checked 


In this case it is possible to display the floors (bulbs) independently of each other.
It is therefore possible to display either no floors, some floors or all floors

2. If the "One" option is checked


In this case it is possible to display only one floor at a time, all others will be hidden
If floor 1 is displayed and the light bulb of floor 2 is clicked on to display it, floor 1 will be hidden

In the toolbar, there is a more general "One" option

1. If this option is not checked, only one "One" can be checked in the left-hand menu windows
For example if "One" is checked for the IFC structure and the user wants to check "One" for the layers, the "One of the IFC structure will be automatically unchecked

2. If this option is checked, it will be possible to check several "One" windows of the left menu.
For example "One" can be checked for the IFC Structure, Layers and IFC Types