3.5.20 Component manager

The component management window allows you to manage the components that will be useful for the realization of a project:

When using a file without any parameters, there are 2 ways of working:

1. Add the elements of the catalog, and as you go along, give them a name and a color. Whatever their name or color, they are automatically visible in the "Component Management" window. Indeed these 2 windows are 100% interactive.
The modification of an attribute in one window is automatically reflected in the other.

2. Before starting to build the 3D model, go to the component management window and define the components that will be used. Via this window it is possible to define other attributes directly.
The main advantage of this solution is to create a file with predefined components and not to have to do it again. It is of course possible to complete this list.
In this case, you must click on File / Model file (init)

To do this, simply click on "New" (R) in the "Component management" window. You will then be asked to enter an IFC type and a color, and then you can define a name.

By working this way, when modifying a component of the 3d model, by activating an element, the list of all the components existing in the "Component management" window is displayed in a drop-down menu in "Modify".
Then you just have to choose the desired component and all these parameters and attributes will be applied to the activated and modified element