5.1.5 IFC export extrusions as BREP

All pipes (extrusion) with 2 points, start and end, are generated as geometry type IFCSWEPTDISKSOLID. This geometry type is supported by most BIM programs.

All pipes (extrusion) with more than 2 points, polygon lines, are written as type IFCSURFACECURVESWEPTAREASOLID. This geometry type is not or not yet supported by many BIM programs due to the complexity and the often non-calculable geometry.

This function converts these extrusions into Brep with the geometry type IFCPOLYGONALFACESET. This geometry type is read by all BIM programs. The disadvantage is that the amount of data is very large and certain information such as line length is lost.

(If the amount of data plays an important role, there is still the option of exploding all polygonal lines into individual segments so that the lines can be exported as an extrusion with geometry type IFCSWEPTDISKSOLID).