4.1.15 All visible / hide active element / keep active elements

The functions are available in the toolbar:

1. show and hide elements

show J, hide U, isolate i

show J:      All hidden elements are shown again. (Attention: If a layer or an IFC structure is hidden, the elements in it cannot be shown.                       First the layer / IFC structure must be faded in.)

Hide U:     All active elements are hidden.

Isolate i:   The active element is displayed, all inactive elements are hidden. 2.

2. show and hide layers, structures, components
Entire layers and IFC structures can also be hidden and shown (with the lamp).

Yellow: All elements in this layer are visible.
Red: At least one element in this layer has been hidden.
Green: All elements in this layer have been hidden (but the layer is still visible).
Empty: The layer and all elements in it are hidden.