3.33 Scene

The scenes are located at the bottom left of the drawing area

Add scenes

A scene contains the elements visible at the time of its creation as well as the way the model is viewed. A scene can help to have quickly at hand the important views of a model.
The type of scene is linked to certain parameters (3D, Top, V, P, Section, Elevation, 2d plane). In this case the name of the scene and sometimes a symbol allow to distinguish the type of the scene


With R on the created scene, other settings can be made

Camera settings:
Exists only for 3D views and is automatically saved when the scene is created. Each time the scene is selected, the camera returns to the saved view. 

Visibilities can only be saved for 3D views. The visibility of the elements can be defined in the different columns. If a floor is hidden, all building elements on that floor will also be hidden.

Load from another scene: The visibility setting can be taken from another scene.