5.90 DWG / DXF import and export

A DWG / DXF file can be imported into Lexocad or exported from Lexocad using cadwork 2D.

Import DWG / DXF:
1. the dwg can be opened with the cadwork dwg / dxf viewer and exported to cadwork 2d

After that, the DWG can be activated and copied with ctrl + C and pasted with ctrl + v in Lexocad. (With ctrl + v + a the data are inserted globally / georeferenced in Lexocad).

Export DWG / DXF:

1. go to Top View in Lexocad
2. activate and copy elements with ctrl + c
3. open cadwork 2d and insert elements with ctrl + v (with ctrl + v + a the data is inserted globally / georeferenced in cadwork 2d)
4. export to cadwork 2d DWG / DXF

If the data is displayed distorted in the cadwork Dxf-Dwg Viewer, the function "Regenerate" must be pressed via "View":