3.4 Zeropoint


Georeferencing is one of the fundamental principles of computer-aided cartography (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS). A 3D model is said to be georeferenced (e.g., a building) when the data it contains includes its geographic coordinates.

The description of a location requires a coordinate structure to define the actual locations.
In lexocad, the global longitude/latitude coordinate system is used.

Example of global coordinate system used in lexocad, depending on the country

Georeferencing allows, among other things, to communicate between different files, ensuring that all elements are georeferenced in the same global reference.

In lexocad, the georeferencing is done in the "Zero Point" menu

In this menu it is possible to convert the local coordinates of a 3D model into a global coordinate system (see in menu 3.4.1 "Global coordinates 1pt + Angle" and 3.4.2 "Global coordinates by 2 pts")