2.11 Base plate & side dimensions

At the bottom right, you can see the Z-position of the ground plate and the dimensions of the Bounding Box of an active element (length/width/height).

The groundplate has different properties depending on the view menu.

3D view :

  • Elements or lines are always added to the work plane, unless they are placed on an active point, in which case the height of the point is taken over.
  • By default, the worktop shown is always at the height of the active floor
  • The height of the worktop can be manually changed, but it is indicated in red if different from the Z of the floor
  • The worktop always automatically adjusts to height Z!


All elements or lines are placed at the height of the Z base plate. If the checkbox next to the base plate (plane 2d) is unchecked, the elements and lines can be placed at a different height than the base plate and are projected in the same plane

V Vertical plane 2 points / P General plane 3 points

The elements are placed at the height at which they are deposited.

Dimensions of the bounding Box
The side dimensions for length/width/height indicate the dimensions of the element's bounding box. For most rectangular elements, the bounding box of the element corresponds to the element itself and the dimensions therefore correspond to the element.