4.1.16 Cut (mutually (boolean))

An element must be active for the functions to be used.

Cut remove C, T
Activate "hard" element → Select cutting function C, W → click the element to be cut → make active element invisible U

Cut contour C, C
Activate element → key C → key C → activate surface / contour → surface is extended in width and cut with the element

Cut "parametric" C, P
Activate element → select cutting function C, P → click the element to be cut

Merge D
Activate both elements → select function D
If the elements have different attributes (e.g. colour) the attributes are taken from the first activated element.

Intersection C, W, I
Activate element → Select function C, W, I → Select second element.
The intersection remains as a volume, the two cutting volumes are displayed as a wireframe model. A wire model can be made into a volume again with W.

Excavation C, W, E
Activate element → Select cutting function C, W, E → Click on terrain (element with type terrain).
The excavation remains as an additional element. The cut and excavation take on the colour of the cutting element.

Additional options:
When a function is executed, the function options based on it, including keyboard shortcuts, are described at the bottom left of the window.

C Contour, D Cut, X Plane XY, Y Plane YZ, H Horizontal, P Parametric, V Vertical 2P, 2 2 Planes, M Mesh, 3 Points, W Remove Cut