4.2 Activate

1. Mouse activation possibilities

Left mouse click on the element: the element is activated.

Shift pressed and left mouse click: additional elements can be activated

Ctrl pressed and left mouse button: deactivate activated elements

Lasso from left to right: all elements that are completely in the lasso become active. (white lasso)

Lasso from right to left: All the elements that are in the lasso or that touch the lasso become active. (red lasso)

Mouse wheel click on the active element: the active element is deactivated.

Works also with the Escape key or left click in the empty space 

Right click on the element: the element is activated in addition to the element already activated.

2. activation variants

Active point (red dot): The first point on which you click with the mouse becomes the "active point". This point is considered as reference point for functions such as "move", "copy", "rotate", etc.

Define the active point yourself: The active point can be redefined with Ctrl + (R) inside the active element.

Active segment (white dotted line): The segment of an element that has been clicked on becomes the "active segment". The nearest point also becomes active.

Active facet (white outline): The facet of an element that has been clicked on becomes an "active facet". The nearest facet also becomes active.

The active point can be retained if the other elements are activated with Shift + (R) + Lasso.

3. activate attributes (Ctrl + A)
This function allows you to activate other elements that have the same attribute as the active element.
Activate an element --> Ctrl + A --> C (color) --> All elements of the same color as the active element become active

The attribute options are displayed in the lower left corner after you press Ctrl + A. The attribute options are also displayed in the upper right corner.
The following attribute options are available:
Attribute options listed in the "Edit" section:
C (Color), E (Component), G (Geometries), I (IFC Type), L (Layer), M (Material), N (Name), S (IFC Projectile), T (Type)
Attribute options not listed in the "Modify" section:
D (Decimal color): all those with the same color and decimal number
W (Window) : the search window opens
X (Cross section) : under construction
B (BIM number) : relevant only for Route users
and others