5.9.4 eCCC

The eCCC (CCC = Building Cost Code) allows a clear and transparent determination of costs in the building. It is the working tool for recording, comparing and evaluating construction costs accurately - from the planning phase to commissioning.

A logical structure for transparent cost planning

The Building Cost Code subdivides the costs of a project into groups of elements, parts of work or components. It offers the following three standardized levels:

1. Main groups (e.g. C "Structural work")
2. groups of elements (e.g. C1 "Radiers, Foundations")
3. Elements (e.g. C1.4 "Slabs")

Below is an example of the previous eCCC classification in lexocad

When using the LME module, it is possible or not to display this eCCC classification

In this case, 2 options are offered, namely:

- an eCCC display

- An IFC type display