1.2 Screen after start

You can access this article by clicking with the middle mouse button (M) on the version number in lexocad:

Below is an overview of all relevant points to know about the lexocad start screen.

Each point is detailed in a separate chapter.

Brief description of the different areas:

Top menu:

This menu contains different areas with various options, such as:

- File: save, import, export, print PDF

- Dialogue: BIM features

- Help: overview of keyboard shortcuts, learning opportunities

- etc.


Several main functions can be performed via the toolbar.


In the statusbar, there are setting options such as: user type, color scheme, views, etc.

Left menu :

This menu displays the windows that are activated in the menu at the top of the "Window" section. The size and positioning of the windows in the left menu can be changed manually.

Comment line:

The comment line indicates the different options available in the selected function. The green letters and numbers indicate the keyboard shortcuts and the mouse button to select.

(L) = Left mouse button

(M) = Middle mouse button

(R) = Right mouse button

A list of keyboard shortcuts and mouse options can be found in the "Help" menu at the top.


In this tab all created scenes are displayed. The color of the name depends on the type of scene (3D, top view, section, etc.).

Bounding Box grid and dimensions:

In this area, the height of the base plate (grid in the graphics window) can be changed. You can also define the height, width and length of a component.

Modification Toolbar :

The editing toolbar only appears when an item is activated and if specific application functions exist for this item.

Right menu:

The menu on the right contains three sections: "Add", "Edit" and "Auxiliary Lines". In order to switch between the menus, the corresponding tab must be activated.

View menu :

The View menu allows different views of the model, which can be viewed both in 3D or 2D.