6.7.2 Modeling from PDF 1

Video Tutorial


PDF points can be displayed via the control box in the status bar

Ceilings and similar elements:

1. draw area
2. add or remove additional points --> modification toolbar & + or -
3. cut openings --> toolbar cut or cut through
4. convert surface into a volume --> modification toolbar
5. set Z-height in Modify area
6. define inclination
- element converted into a mesh (modification toolbar)
- Stretch individual points with key 7
- Set the bend angle in the Modify area to 0 so that all 3 corners are visible. Then flip edges if necessary.


1. catalog element wall use
2. two walls can be connected (modification toolbar) or an end angle can be defined (modify area)
3. add openings
4. openings specially
- Model opening , weld if necessary
- Define volume as IFC type Opening (In the Modify area) and then select the wall as a connecting element
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