2.12 Mod GR

The option ModGR (for Graphic mode) allows for some elements to define different graphics.
This avoids, when an element is added on a regular basis, having to go back to the modify menu to change its graphic properties (example: a type of line with a thickness and a color)

The ModGR option is located at the bottom right of the screen

By clicking on the Mod Gr (G) button, a settings window opens, in which it is possible to set the graphics of various elements, arranged in columns:

Nodes / Lines / Surfaces / Architectural surfaces / Texts / Dimensions / Nurbs / Extrusion

To access the parameters, click on the "..." of the concerned element

Example with the dimensions:


Once these settings are done, before adding the desired element, you must first activate the Mod GR number that you want to use. In the example below, the graphics of the GR Mod n° 2 will be applied to the added elements.


There are specific ModGR functions depending on the mouse button used when clicking on a number (same principle as cadwork 2d)