1.10 BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) mainly means:

- 3D models instead of 2D drawings
- working with the IFC interface instead of dxf
- working with properties instead of hatchings /plot lines

cadwork offers different software solutions that support the model-based process:

lexocad is a 3D software solution for model-based planning and execution and
lexocad is IFC certified.

BIMteam is a common cloud-based data environment (CDE) with an integrated viewer that enables model-based construction project realization (BIMtoField). With the BIMteam Viewer, it is also possible to perform a model-based measurement.

IFC interface

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an object-oriented format that enables the interdisciplinary exchange of building data between different software solutions.

BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) is a data interface that facilitates the exchange of information between software products during a work process. The BCF format contains information such as status, location, view orientation, components, remark, user and time.