6.7.7 Quantity take-off overview

Tutorial video:


Quantity overview
- Quantity indication at the bottom right when an element is activated

- Dialog 3d component overview: Shows the quantities (for volume m3, for areas m2, for lines m) of the component (structure: IFC type & color)

Measure manually

- Measure Icon Toolbar --> e.g. measure distance between 2 points

- Draw quantities:
Key F: Draw a surface
Key F & F: Duplicatethe facet of an element as a surface
Key L: Draw a line

Measurement automated
- Dialog cost determination

Create entry --> Select elements --> Define LU

- Dialog LME

- All visible elements in the overview
- Add dimension line with right mouse button, give name and define LU

Measurement predefined & automated
- LBK User (LME)
- The LBK window can be opened via the LME dialog on the right side above
- The LBK must first be calendared before it can be used
- When you give an element the component color in LBK, the predefined dimension rules are applied

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