6.7.8 Quantity check (LME & LBK)

Tutorial video


As a basis for the automated quantity takeoff functions, you should have an adjusted model. If necessary, find out about the possible cleanup functions.

1. activate IFC type and convert it into an extrusion

If not possible due to geometry, set the User dimension type to LME User in the Modify area.

1. LME Dialog (Lexocad quantity takeoff)

- Open LME dialog in the menu at the top of the Dialog section
- Add dimension line with right mouse button
- Give description
- Add code
- LU select

- Export button bottom right

2. LBK (Lexocad parts catalog)

- The Lcc elements have predefined dimension rules stored in them
- Lcc elements have an IFC type and can only be assigned to elements that have the same IFC type
- An element must be given the color of an LBK element in order for the predefined dimension rules to be applied.
- An element can be additionally classified by adjusting the values in the LME dialog or in the Modify area on the right.

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