2.1 Menu windows

Top menu:

The main basic functions in the Top menu are:


- Save
- Open a new file
- Import
- Export
- Print file


- cadwork style: user interface becomes dark, like in cadwork 2d/3d/2dr
- Background color settings for 2D, 3D and sections
- Show / hide zero point
- Show / hide grid

1. Background
2. Grids
3. Zero point (origin 0,0,0)


Display information windows such as "IFC structure", "layers", etc.
→ Windows open in the left menu
→ Windows can be moved by "drag and drop".
→ windows can be enlarged and reduced


- Component Manager: show components in the preview and add additional information
- Material: Define materials
- Define properties
- Various BIM applications like "5D costing"


- Language setting etc.


- Function Keys F1-F12: Record custom commands
- Mouse Options: Overview of different mouse options
- Keyboard options : Overview of the different keyboard options
- Learning information → tutorials, releasenotes, manual, etc.
- License: overview of all activated / non-activated licenses
- Lexocad update