4.1.17 Cut through

An element must be active for the function to be used.

"intersect" → intersect element with plane

Cut C → Cut element with surface
There are different ways to cut through elements:

Cut C
Activate element → select function C → select surface → plane of the surface separates the active element and the part with the active point remains behind

Cut through C, D
Activate element → select function C, D → select area → plane of area separates the active element and the two new elements remain

Other cutting functions:
(L) part with active point remains, (M) part with active point is deleted, C contour, D cut through, X plane XY, Y plane YZ, H horizontal, P parametric, V vertical 2P, 2 2 planes, M mesh, 3 3 points, W cut away.
Cut in

Top View:

Top View: Cut surface with Line
Draw surface with F → Activate "Top View" → Draw line with L → Activate surface → Cut function C → Select line → Surface is cut vertically by line, part of surface with active point remains

Top View: Intersect terrain / mesh with line or surface
Activate "Top View" → draw closed line L or surface F → activate terrain → intersect function C → select line → terrain is intersected vertically with line, intersection can be deleted

Additional options
When a function is executed, function options based on it, including keyboard shortcuts, are described at the bottom left of the window.