5.9.2 Measure type

The LME module aims to quantify elements (surface, volume, formwork, reinforcement, ...).
In order to obtain correct values, it is necessary that the elements have an extrusion type geometry (surface + thickness)

For this purpose, from elements received via an IFC file, lexocad allows to convert elements such as walls, slabs, columns or bars into extrusion, by assigning to these elements an IFC lme type

However, it often happens that this conversation is not possible, as the geometry of these elements does not allow them to be converted into extrusions (lme)

In this case, an alternative is proposed, namely to apply to these elements a specific type of measurement
To do this, once the element is activated, simply modify it in the right-hand menu "Modify".
Example for a wall :

What does lexocad do when a measurement type is set to Type lme?

1. There is a reorientation of the axes along the longest segment (length axis)

2. The main face is defined according to the largest face

3. The height of the element is calculated according to the dimensions of the Bounding Box