1.11 IFC struktur + Layer

BIM (Building Information Modeling) mainly means:

- 3D models instead of 2D drawings
- Working with the IFC interface instead of dxf
- working with properties instead of hatching / drafts

IFC structure:
Components with an IFC type have a yellow background and are placed in the IFC structure, which also has a yellow background. These are automatically exported to IFC. Only elements with a yellow background can be included in an IFC export.

Elements without IFC type (IFC type "Undefined") have a white background and are placed in layers that also have a white background. By default these elements are not exported to IFC. To export them you have to check the option "Export "Undefined" types" in the IFC export window "File" → "Export" → "IFC (BIM) (ifc, ifczip)".

However, IFC components can be manually placed in layers, through the menu "Edit" → "Layer".
In this case, the name of the layer in which the IFC component(s) are located is displayed in red.