6.7.1 Main functions Overview

Tutorial Video


Computer Mouse
- Right mouse button: Rotate view
- Left mouse button: activate and move element
- Lasso or shift: activate multiple element
- Left mouse button and shift lasso: activate specific point

Left window (structure & show/hide elements)
- Left windows can be arranged
- Left windows: show and hide elements
- Left window: Create layer

Catalog: Add elements
- Add elements (via Drag & Drop)
- F key: Draw surfaces
- L key: Draw lines
- Add text
- Add dimension

Toolbar: Modify elements
- Key 5: Move elements
- Key 6: Copy elements
- R key: Rotate elements
- U key: make active elements invisible
- Key i: View active elements in isolation
- Key j: Show all elements
- Modify element (e.g. crane)

- User catalog (own elements can be saved)
- Top View
- Multiple windows
- Change background color (Under display)

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