Attention: MS Project must have setting "Allow loading files with legacy or non-standard file format".
Options --> Trust Center --> Trust Center settings --> Legacy formats --> Load files...

1. Export csv to lexocad

2. Open MS Project and click open and select file.
Attention: In the Open window, select "CSV (delimiter separated)" in the bottom right corner.

3. Go through the MS Project Wizard. Click "Next" until the window "Task schema:
      - Add all click
      - Map fields (different possibilities)
      - Stages --> Name
      - Start date --> Start
      - End date --> End

4. Continue and complete MS Project import

5. The data can be modified in MS Project and can be imported back into Lexocad if required. For this, the MS Project file must be saved as XML:

The following button can be used to import the MS Project XML file: